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  • How much does the MyDesign App cost?
    AUD $0.99/year.
  • Are there any other associated costs using the MyDesign App?
    It is an annual payment of AUD $0.99. Other costs could include the cost of having your design made by an external provider which would be sourced by the user, and any associated costs pertaining to having the design made. This is between the tailor and user.
  • How do I log on to the MyDesign App?
    Download the MyDesign App via the Apple Store or Google Play; Register by creating a password. You do not need to login each time, unless you log out of the App.
  • Is my device supported?
    The MyDesign App can be downloaded and used on iphones, ipads and Android devices.
  • Is there a tutorial on how to use the MyDesign App?
    Yes; click on 'How It Works' on the website menu and you will be taken to a tutorial video.
  • Is this age appropriate for my child?
    This App is age appropriate for children aged six years and over.
  • What happens if I forget my password?
    To reset your password, open up the App homepage, tap 'LOGIN' then tap 'Forgot password' and enter your email address to receive password reset instructions.
  • Can I file/store my designs on the App?
    Yes. You can safely store designs in your customised folders in the Portfolio page.
  • Can I save my designs on another database?
    Yes. In addition to storing your designs on the App, you can download your designs and save them to a folder on your desktop.
  • Can I share my designs?
    Yes. There are a few social media options to choose from, including a print option.
  • Can I design an outfit using two different garment types, such as top and skirt or top and pants?"
    Yes. Once you design a top or bottom, you will be given the option to add a garment. Once you design both items, you will be able to view the two designs together to make a complete outfit.
  • Can I have my designs made?
    Yes. You can search for a tailor worldwide. This is directly communicated between the user and the chosen tailor, independent from MyDesign.
  • How do I pay for having my designs made?
    This is an arrangement made and agreed between the user and the tailor chosen by the user, independent from MyDesign.
  • Will anyone have access to my designs if I do not use the 'share' option?
    No, unless you provide your password or if another person is using your phone and accesses the MyDesign App if you have not logged out previously.

Want to give feedback about MyDesign App features?

You can shoot us a message via our Feedback form with your suggestions.

Be sure to watch our Tutorial video to get a feel for how the App works.

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